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"From A to Z we will walk you through all the steps required for your department to safely and legally operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle."


Getting your Certificate of Waiver or Authorization

For a public agency to fly a drone (UAV) you must get permission from the FAA by either obtaining a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) or by certifying your pilots under the new FAR Part 107 rules.  The FAR Part 107 rules apply only to civilian aircraft operations.  Therefore, if you wish to operate under the new FAR Part 107 rules, you must declare your flights as civilian operations.  Flying under FAR Part 107 can be a great option for some departments.  However, a COA can sometimes provide additional operational flexibility that is not available under FAR Part 107.  For this reason, many departments are still obtaining COAs. Call us up for a free consultation.  We'll take a look at the airspace over your jurisdiction and give you guidance on how to proceed in obtaing FAA approval. 

Complying with your COA

Once you get your COA you'll be authorized to begin training your pilots for missions. The FAA requires your pilots to be knowledgeable about all the airspace and regulations surrounding drone flying. The FAA is holding drone pilots to the same standards as manned aircraft pilots.  Our video series trains your pilots on everything they need to know including:

    -Types of airspace

    -Drone regulations

    -Standard Operating Procedures -Safe flying operations

    -How to comply with your COA

Jurisdictional COA

After you have completed training, you can begin using your drone for missions, allowing you to fly your drone inside your departments jurisdiction according to the stipulations laid out in the COA. Our video series trains your pilots on how to comply with you COA to ensure your legally and safely flying your drones

Airspace can be complex; we offer customized airspace training for the airspace overlaying your jurisdiction. We will train your pilots and dispacters on where they can and cannot safely fly for the mission. 

UAV Public Safety Training Inc. has received authority from the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training to provide approved courses for continuing education credit. Our course can be used for continuing education credit hours and may be eligible for reimbursement of costs under MN Rules 6700.1800.

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