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"From A to Z we will walk you through all the steps required for your department to safely and legally operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle."


Public Safety UAV Training was founded after realizing the need for formal UAV training, specifically for public safety departments, such as law enforcement, fire departments, DNR, etc.


We bridge the knowledge gap between the public safety world and the aviation world by integrating drones into public safety operations.

Eric Herman

Eric Herman has worked in Public Safety for over 35 years. He has worked as an EMT for two ambulance services and was a National Registered EMT and Minnesota First Responder. In addition, he has worked as a Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy for over 20 years. He is a Fast Water Rescue Instructor, Ice Rescue Instructor, UAV Team Instructor Pilot, and member of an Underwater Recovery Team. He has been involved in over a hundred searches for lost persons and dozens of evidence recoveries. He has flown over 50 UAV search missions and has documented numerous crime and accident scenes with UAV systems.


Herman has been a commercial airline pilot since 1992 and holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating. He was an FAA Designated Examiner and issued TurboJet Flight Engineer Ratings in the Boeing 727. He is a Boeing 737 Check Airman, Simulator Instructor, and Ground Instructor.


Herman is the Security Council Chair for the Airline Pilots Association, International (ALPA). He is a UAV Subject Matter Expert and spoke on behalf of ALPA at the Boston Logan Airport Law Enforcement UAV Symposium. In addition, he moderated a UAV Panel discussion at ALPA’s Air Safety Forum in 2017.


For over three years, Herman was the Minneapolis Lead Instructor for the Crew Member Self Training Program. He is a member of the FBI Infragard and Homeland Security Information Network.


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James Aarestad

James Aarestad has been flying remotely controlled aircraft since he was a kid. Long before drone technology developed, James was busy building gas powered, balsa wood aircraft from scratch. Even since, James has been busy building, flying and teaching people how to fly drones. 


Aarestad has worked in law enforcement for 3 years, teaching UAS  systems and flight procedures to public safety officials. Aarestad specializes in helping departments setup a UAV problem, train their pilots and maintain currency.


Additionally, Aarestad is a commercial airline pilot since 2007 and holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating. He is a Certified Flight Instructor and holds three type ratings. He is currently a Boeing 737 Captain and has over 9,000 flight hours. James also operates an aerial photography business using his Cessna Cardinal and drones.  Check out his website: 

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